Cyrillic square

As part of the "Cyrillic Square" event, a poetry evening entitled "WAIT FOR ME, I WILL COME FOR SURE" will be organized on Saturday, August 15, in the garden of the City Museum of Mirko Komnenović, starting at 9 p.m. The program is organized by the joint efforts of the Public Institution "City Museum Mirko Komnenović and Gallery Josip Bepo Benković" and SPKD "Prosvjeta". The museum garden is the right space for a romantic evening of beautiful poetry, with an eternal and timeless theme in art, about love. In a time full of problems, and constant anticipation of some positive and optimistic events, Herceg Novi poets give the city and guests their poetic inspirations ... about love, emotions and subtle descriptions inspired by an timeless theme. The program will feature: Vinka Perišić - Sharenac, Milun Đurđevac, Višnja Kosović, Ksenija Matović, Branka Denda, Snežana Vukićević-Čvoro, Uroš Vulinović and Olivera Doklestić. WELCOME !